Essential Elements in Retail Security

Retail security refers to the safety and security of any shop or market place. It is very important not only for the business itself but also for the employees to work in, and for the customer’s protection.

The theft in retail stores is a huge problem as the shoplifters can be quite determined and skilled in their plans and thus hard to catch……..

Retail Security Officer:

A retail security officer works in coordination with the manager and helps to prevent shoplifting activities at the store thus provide a secure sales environment. They not only prevent crime but also keep the staff and the customers safe. Whether you have a big business or small, it is impossible for you to maintain check and balance all day long, you definitely need trained personnel to do this job for you and to maintain your peace of mind.

It is not only the security personnel who will take care of your business but there is a need for installation of various retail security systems in your business premises to make it a secure place to shop and invest.

These elements or security systems have become very important and are being installed in every business premises around the globe. The elements involved in assisting and securing your business are as follows;

CCTV Cameras:

CCTV cameras increase the performance and the integrity of retail stores and reduce the chances of being robbed as working CCTVs already create a sense of being caught to the shoplifter. CCTVs provide surveillance even when the shops are closed or when you are miles away from your shop i.e 24/7 surveillance. You can also monitor the employees using CCTVs to see whether they are providing adequate service to your customers or not. CCTVs play a major role in recording the event and thus providing evidence against the robber.

Security Tags and Sensormatic Door Sensors:

Security tags and labels are one of the most important and effective strategies employed by retailers all around the globe. According to recent reports, security tags and stickers have reduced 60-80% of shoplifting activities all around the world. These tags consist of a hard external body in which small transmitters are present, these transmitters are sensed by the antennas guarding the entrance and the exit gates of the shops. Whenever the tags come near the Sensormatic door sensors the alarm rings thus alerting everyone at the store. These tags are attached to the fabric or other products mechanically or magnetically and can not be removed by your hands.

The Entrance Buzzer:

Entrance buzzers notify the staff whenever someone enters the store, as soon as the door opens the buzzer rings. The one who comes for shoplifting activity always wants to remain invisible but this entrance buzzer makes them insecure by announcing their presence. This also alerts the shopkeeper when he is busy doing work.

Responsibilities of a Retail security officer:

  1. They have to be flexible in working in all the shift patterns.

  2. They should be helpful and kind if someone needs help.

  3. They are responsible for tackling emergency situations in every way possible.

  4. They have to keep an eye on the history of previous security breaches.

  5. They should be sharp enough to detect and take an action against any suspicious activity happening around them.

  6. They should always check the lock properly while closing and should never forget to leave some lights turned on as anything can happen in the dark.

  7. The shops are very easy to be robbed when you don’t have any backup plans for emergency situations. The security personal should always have a plan in place to tackle such situations.

  8. It is the responsibility of the retail security officer to check the activity of the Sensormatic door sensor, the entrance buzzer, and the camera coverage if they are working properly or not.

  9. The retail security officer is responsible to keep an eye on the staff when they check-in and also when they leave as sometimes the employees are also involved in the theft.

  10. All the security personals should follow the “zero tolerance” reputation against any illegal and shoplifting activities.

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